The Space Between Image and Music in the Film Without Words

  • Aleksandra Kovač Independent researcher
Keywords: Kornelije Kovač, Miloš Radivojević, experimental film, Without Words


This paper examines the relationship between music and image in the experimental film Without Words directed by Miloš Radivojević (1972). The interaction of music, through Kornelije Kovač’s improvisation and musical theme, silence, through the absence of noise, speech and sound design, and image, as an experimental, non-narrative form, provides fertile ground for analysis: that of each individual element’s effect on the viewer, as well as of their joint, interdependent creation, which conveys a strong impression. This analysis focuses on the process of constructing the music score through music improvisation, and the effective use of the musical theme in this film, as well as its multi conventional role within a non-conventional film system.

Author Biography

Aleksandra Kovač, Independent researcher

Aleksandra Kovač holds a Master of Science degree in Composition for screen from Edinburgh University, as well as a BA in Music theory and education from Belgrade University. She is a film composer, songwriter, music producer and educator from Belgrade, Serbia. In addition to being the 2015 BAFTA Scotland New Talent award nominee, she is also the first Serbian MTV award winner and has won awards for her work in theater, TV, and film. Concurrent with her successful songwriting career, Aleksandra garnered acclaim as a composer for theater, TV and film. Since 2015, she has composed music for many TV series and films produced in Serbia and distributed worldwide, such as Dara of Jasenovac (2020 Serbian candidate for Golden Globes and Oscars), Civil servant, Legacy and others. As a lecturer in film music, she has given lectures at the American University in Beirut, SAE Institute in Belgrade, Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, Music Academy in Belgrade.