Jürgen Blume: Psalm 30 (2014)

  • Sa Ra Park Texas State University
Keywords: Jürgen Blume, Psalm 30, Geistliches Konzert, Vocal Music, Organ


This article deals with Psalm 30 for four-part choir and organ (2014) by the German composer Jürgen Blume. It explores the musical elements that are used in the composition in order to examine the style of the composer. Since Blume’s composition is not based on tonal harmonic function, this article uses set theory (prime form and the interval-class vector) in order to examine pitch organization and sonorities. Because Blume chose the genre sacred vocal work (Geistliches Konzert) for his composition, this article compares the form of Blume’s composition with one of Heinrich
Schütz’s sacred vocal works, O süßer Jesu Christ, SWV 405.

Author Biography

Sa Ra Park, Texas State University

Sa Ra Park, Ph.D., is a musicologist, music theorist, and church musician, and a current board member of the College Music Society South Central Chapter. She studied in her native South Korea, in Germany, and in the USA. In June 2020, she defended her doctoral dissertation in musicology at the university in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Her dissertation was on the topic Das Liedrepertoire der evangelischen Kirche in Korea – Interkulturelle Beziehungen zwischen dem deutschen und dem koreanischen Kirchenlied (The Song Repertoire of the Evangelical Church in Korea: Intercultural Relations Between the German and the Korean Church Hymnal)