14:30 by Branka Popović: A Game of "Musical Chronos"

  • Milica Lazarević PhD candidate, Faculty of Music in Belgrade, Department of Musicology
Keywords: Branka Popović, 14:30, musical time, time, postmodernism


The paper discusses the composition 14:30 for two pianos by Branka Popović as a kind of postmodern game of “musical chronos” (Igor Stravinsky). Deliberation of aesthetic-poetic issues and attitudes of the composer concerning musical time and time in general, as well as an analytical-interpretative consideration of 14:30 are intended to point out the complexity of the problem to which this work essentially refers in its title: on the multiplicity of meanings of one ’section’, ’fragment’ of a time, which can be realized by different compositional-technical means and experienced in different ways. Given the predominant application of minimalist techniques, traditional ways of shaping, as well as procedures that resonate with expressionism, the possible narrower stylistic positioning of the work within postmodernism is also pointed out.

Author Biography

Milica Lazarević, PhD candidate, Faculty of Music in Belgrade, Department of Musicology

Milica Lazarević is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Musicology of the Faculty of Music, University of Arts in Belgrade. She is also music theacher and head of the expert council for Theory subjects in the Music School “Marko Tajčević” (Lazarevac), as well as a teaching associate at the Department of Musicology of FoM. She is one of the editors of five annual collections of student papers of FoM. She is also the author of book A Wittgensteinian Approach to a Piece of Music. Musical-Language Games of the Viennese School: New rules and Old Forms (edition of FoM, 2015) and a series of papers published in (student and thematic) proceedings and the Journal of Art and Media Studies.